The Best State Parks in California

25 Stunning California State Parks You Must Visit (+ Map!)

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The Nine Incredible National Parks in California (Top Things to Do + Tips for Visiting!)

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Lake Tahoe is one of the most popular California weekend getaways.

23 Essential California Weekend Getaways (+ Where to Stay!)

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Joshua Tree National Park is one of the places you can visit on an LA to Vegas drive.

LA to Vegas Drive: 4 Epic Road Trip Route Ideas (+ Best Stops)!

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Big Sur in one of California's most scenic drives

25+ Most Beautiful Scenic Drives in California for 2024!

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Best Lakes in California

25 Most Beautiful Lakes in California (+ Map!)

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Conway Summit in the Eastern Sierra is one of the best spots for California fall colors!

California Fall Colors: 12 Amazing Places to Visit!

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Conway Summit in October in California

California in October: 17 Best Places to Visit for a Fabulous Fall Getaway!

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Lake Tahoe is definitely a place to visit in California in December!

California in December: 17 Amazing Places to Visit!

California in December is beautiful. We may be biased, but quite honestly, the Golden State offers incredible travel destinations any time of year, and December is no different. While many parts of the country are drab and gray, or digging out from snowstorms, most of California generally has abundant sunshine and mild temperatures in December. But California is a big … Read More

Big Sur is one of the most romantic places in California, perfect for a couples getaway

The Most Romantic Places in California: 16 Incredible Getaways for Couples!

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