With its huge masses of boulders and diverse plants, including the namesake Joshua trees, Joshua Tree National Park is a wonderful place to hike.

Hiking trails in Joshua Tree NP range from easy nature trails to challenging summit climbs and long treks to fan palm oases. Several short trails can be squeezed into a day of sightseeing in th park. 

One of the shortest trails in Joshua Tree is the Cholla Cactus Garden Nature Trail. It'sa flat boardwalk trail, particularly beautiful at sunset. 

Arch Rock Trail is a loop that features a photogenic natural arch. The trail is easy, but you need some agility if you want to scramble up and pose for a photo in the arch. 

Barker Dam Trail is a little over one mile long. When there's water in the reservoir,  you may see bighorn sheep or birds at the dam. The route features boulders for scrambling and petroglyphs.  

The Forty-Nine Palms Oasis Trail leads to one of the most beautiful California fan palm oases in the park. The hike is moderately challenging. 

For the best weather and comfortable hiking conditions, plan on hiking Joshua Tree between  fall and spring. Spring offers wildflower bloom as well.

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