Redwood National and State Parks are the perfect late spring or summer road trip destination in California.

The parks stretch for about 50 miles along the Northern California Coast, just south of the border with Oregon.

Four parks make up the complex: Redwood NP, and Jed Smith, Del Norte Coast, and Prairie Creek State Parks.

Here you can hike the famous Fern Canyon, which served as a Jurassic Park filming location. But remember to wear waterproof footwear!

There are numerous other trails you can hike, through the redwood groves in the parks.

The redwood groves here are the most scenic on the planet...and the trees the tallest. 

Trillium Falls is another must-do hike in the parks.

The parks also feature scenic drives through the redwoods. Howland Hill Road is one of the best drives here. 

Allow time to explore the beautiful coastline. Look for whales and sea birds, and enjoy the spectacular views. 

Look for wildlife in the parks, both big and small! 

The meadows along Bald Hills Road are flush with wildflowers in late spring and early summer. 

If you love nature and the outdoors, you will love Redwood National and State Parks. 

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