The Alabama Hills National Scenic Area is located just outside the town of Lone Pine in eastern California. 

Featuring stunning rock formations and many natural arches in the shadow of the mighty Sierra Nevada peaks, the area is an outdoor lover's paradise. 

Hundreds of movies and commercials, primarily Westerns such as The Lone Ranger, have been filmed at the Alabama Hills. More recently, it served as a location for Django Unchained.  

Driving Movie Road is one of the top things to do in the Alabama Hills.  The short dirt road drive is spectacularly scenic.

Hiking the Mobius Arch Loop Trail is another very popular activity in the Alabama Hills. The arch is the most well-known of the Alabama Hills arches.

Mobius Arch perfectly frames Mount Whitney and Lone Pine Peak, and is a sought-after photo location at sunrise. 

The Alabama Hills feature many other rock formations and arches to discover. The Painted Face rock is another popular photo location.

Hike other trails, go mountain biking or horseback riding, tour other dirt roads, go rock scrambling or climbing, or camp in the Alabama Hills.

In the town of Lone Pine, you can tour the Museum of Western Film History. the town makes a good base from which to explore the Alabama Hills. 

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