If you are planning a trip to Big Sur in California, definitely plan on spending some time at beautiful Pfeiffer Beach!

Among the many large sea stacks at Pfeiffer Beach, gorgeous Keyhole Arch is a photographers' dream. 

For a few weeks in late winter, Keyhole Arch puts on a unique show, with the rays of the setting sun streaming through the hole to create a magical scene.

One of the fun reasons to visit Pfeiffer Beach is to admire its "purple" sand. The color is the result of manganese being washed here from the hills. 

You can't swim at Pfeiffer Beach, but sunbathing, walking, sand play, and picnicking are popular activities. 

Plus, Pfeiffer Beach is very picturesque, and you'll want to take lots of photos! Sunset here is spectacular on a nice weather day.

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