About Roadtripping California

Planning a trip to California? Welcome: you’ve come to the right place!

This site was created with a view to becoming the ultimate resource for travelers to the Golden State. As the site grows, we hope that here you will find all the best things to see, do, and experience in the beautiful state of California.

Roadtripping California is run by a California-crazy couple, Dhara and Kishore. Although we aren’t California natives, we have been blessed to call the Golden State home for over six years now.

During this time we’ve explored the state extensively, visiting beach towns and big cities, national parks and theme parks, mountains and deserts. Road trips are our favorite way to explore our home state!

Roadtripping California is our opportunity to showcase our deep love for California and share all of its epic destinations and activities.

Big Sur California USA
The beautiful Big Sur coast in California

So what will you find on this site?

On Roadtripping California, you’ll find content about all the gorgeous regions of California: North Coast, San Francisco and the Bay Area, Central Coast, South Coast, Central Valley, California Deserts, Sierra Nevada, and the Shasta Cascades.

We’ll feature California road trips, of course, but you’ll also find travel guides for big cities and small towns you’ll want to add to your California itinerary.

Plus epic outdoor experiences, because California’s natural beauty is unparalleled: it has 9 national parks plus many other federal park sites and hundreds of state parks.

And quintessential California adventures, from discovering Disneyland to admiring a wildflower superbloom at Carrizo Plain.

We will write about food, of course, because you’ll want to experience California’s farm-to-fork cuisine when you visit. From fish tacos in San Diego to Ghirardelli Chocolate in San Fran, there’s a lot to savor in California! Plus, we’ll share wine country jaunts and farmers’ market trips.

Our mission at Roadtripping California is simple! We want to inspire our readers to visit and enjoy California. We offer detailed, well-researched articles based on first-hand experiences.

Whether you are planning a family vacation, a romantic getaway, or a solo trip, California is calling, and you must come! We know you’ll fall in love with California, just like we did.

About the Founders


Dhara and Kishore love to travel, whether it’s in their home state of California, elsewhere in the USA, or to other countries.

As empty nesters that are now retired, they like nothing better than to hop into their trusty little Honda Civic and get on the road in California, whether it’s to crane their necks looking up at the tops of towering redwoods or to exclaim in awe at the beauty of the Big Sur Coast.

Dhara is the primary writer for this site, and chief trip researcher and planner. Her travel interests are eclectic, and she enjoys everything from museums and gardens to beaches and fall colors, so this site will feature a wide range of stories and guides that will hopefully provide plenty of inspiration to explore this beautiful state.

Kishore is the co-photographer for the site, and chief researcher of all things food. We love many different cuisines, and enjoy street food as we much as love sit down fine dining.

Together, we hope to bring you all things California!

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