Mono Lake Tufas Eastern Sierra California

Mono Lake Tufas: How (+ Where) to See Them!

The Mono Lake tufas have been fascinating visitors to the Eastern Sierra of California for many years. A part of Mono Lake Tufa State Natural Reserve, the Mono Lake tufa towers are not only beautiful to view and photograph, they are also a habitat for birds and wildlife. Mono Lake is an old lake: over a million years old! Covering … Read More

A Highway 395 Road Trip Through the Eastern Sierra of California

Highway 395 Road Trip through the Eastern Sierra in California

The Highway 395 road trip through the Eastern Sierra mountains is spectacularly scenic from end to end, and it is one of the most exciting California road trips you can do. It should be on the itinerary of every nature lover that visits California! This epic road trip along Highway 395 (US Route 395) takes you through diverse and beautiful … Read More

Hot Creek Geological Site in Mammoth Lakes, CA

Hot Creek Geological Site in Mammoth Lakes, CA: How to Visit This Cool Geothermal Spot!

Located less than ten miles from the Mammoth Lakes town center, Hot Creek Geological Site is a Highway 395 must-visit for its spectacular setting and interesting hydrothermal features. Suggestive of a mini Yellowstone or Lassen Volcanic, Hot Creek Geologic Site is a great place to witness the marvels of geology, from boiling pools and occasional geysers to fumaroles letting off … Read More

Earthquake Fault in Mammoth Lakes, CA

Visiting Earthquake Fault in Mammoth Lakes, California

Earthquake Fault in Mammoth Lakes is a cool place to visit, whether you want to view the geologic phenomenon or just enjoy a stroll amidst scenic surroundings. The impressive fissure is one of many interesting geologic phenomena in the area, which has seen a lot of volcanic activity. If you enjoy geologic phenomena, be sure to also put the nearby … Read More

15 Fabulous Things to Do in June Lake, California

Considering a visit to June Lake? A paradise for outdoor enthusiasts and nature lovers, June Lake offers a variety of fun activities, spectacular photo ops, and a serene, laid back vibe that makes you want to draw deep breaths and relax. June Lake is a resort community in the Eastern Sierra of California, a few miles north of Mammoth Lakes … Read More

Mammoth Lakes in the Eastern Sierra of California

26 Memorable Things to Do in Mammoth Lakes, California!

Mammoth Lakes is a year-round playground with plenty of things to do in every season. Offering exciting recreation opportunities in a sensationally beautiful setting, the Eastern Sierra resort town is a must-visit getaway for couples, families, and solo travelers alike. Known for majestic Mammoth Mountain and the lakes of the Mammoth Lakes Basin, Mammoth Lakes is worth visiting for its … Read More

Alabama Hills, California

Alabama Hills, California: Things to Do (Movie Road, Mobius Arch + More!)

The Alabama Hills should definitely be on your California itinerary if you enjoy nature and the outdoors! Nature lovers and outdoor enthusiasts will find lots of things to do in the Alabama Hills, from hiking to camping. This otherworldly landscape of rock formations is nestled at the foot of the eastern slopes of the Sierra Nevada mountains near the town … Read More

June Lake Loop is one of the most scenic drives in California!

June Lake Loop: A Scenic Drive in the Eastern Sierra!

In a region known for its eye-popping scenery, the June Lake Loop still manages to stand out. The spectacularly scenic road in California’s Eastern Sierra features alpine lakes and majestic mountains, and a variety of activities if you want to stop and explore. Whether you choose to drive June Lake Loop as a brief detour on a longer Highway 395 … Read More